Zhongshan Candor Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.

Wine Cabinet Refrigerator

Guangdong Candor a national manufacturer for refrigeration equipment, was established in 2004 and located in Guangdong PRD region specializing on the production and development of constant temperature refrigerators. ,brWe are capable of providing you a variety of constant temperature storage equipment> including medical refrigerator with low temperature and heat function biomedical freezer and chemical special equipment, etc. are all compatible in the use of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies many practical problems in the field of constant temperature storage can be resolved by our products with the high quality.,brNowadays in order to the expansion for refrigeration field> our company also develop abundant types of products such as car fridge beverage cooler and even wine cooler, From focusing on single equipment to developing multiple types of refrigeration products we are committed to becoming a supplier of high quality services and products.