Zhejiang Chuan Yang Furniture Co., Ltd.

Recliner Sofa

Zhejiang Chuan Yang Furniture Co. Ltd. Founded in 1986 by,brMr.Sun.After 30 years of development> has become the design production, sales and service in one large modern comprehensive home business is one of China,s upholstered furniture industry leader is one of the key export enterprises,brof Chinese sofa. In 2018> the factory have 457 sofa makers,br300 containers per month capacity> more than 500 different styles of sofa Our products ship to 15 different countries ;brsuch as USA> UK Canada, Ireland Australia and so on. And,brsome Brand such as Costco>Walmartkuka,Value CityLee,brFurniture> Harbor House markor furniture that we are still,brmanufacturing products for them