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Radiator CoverPet furniture, Home furniture Mirror Jewelry Armoire, Wall Floating Shelf

Shuyang Vidoo Crafts Co. Ltd is an e-commerce woodware manufacturer for over 5years. Products include, solid wood furniture panel furniture, wooden pet furniture outdoor wood products and other wooden products. OEM and ODM are both welcomed.,brOur factory covers an area of 20000 square meters> a separated five-floor factory with 75 regular staffs. These two years for the purpose of providing better quality products, we continue investing and introduced a lot of automation equipment such as the newly laser positioning punching machine, which can perfectly solve the problem of hole position deviation of wooden furniture products. It truly achieves stable quality and rapid production in addition; there is an automatic paint line which have perfectly solved the common problems of non-smooth surface and uneven paint in furniture products, and common problems such as delays of shipment due to the paint hard to dry during the production process. Also in order to support our EU customers, all the paints are well-known brand with SGS quality certificate. The quality of the paint is much higher than that of the same type in the EU market. It is not only environmentally friendly and odorless but the surface of the furniture is uniform in color and the paint is not easy to fall off as well.,brThrough years of in-depth cooperation with e-commerce customers> our company has formed a complete e-commerce producer system. When it comes to purchasing wooden products in China there,s no better place to buy than Vidoocraft. For all your questions about quantities products quality, payment options and getting your goods safely transported, we have all the answers you need. If you are a woodware e-commerce seller and are worried about finding the suitable supplier then we are the exact one you are looking for.