Shenzhen Runxi Furniture Co., Ltd.

living room Sofa lounge Chair, Dining Chair Table, bed

About usbrbrAbout the factory With more than 5>000 square meters of factory floor spacewe ship 10 containers of our furniture every month to satisfied customers.Over 100 skilled and experienced workers in our employ ensure that all our products are manufactured to the highest standard.,brMuch emphasis in placed on the development of quality and meticulously produced>earning our factory a reputation among customers for being a leader in modern furniture D with professional knowledge with the design of modern furniture.Once we got a new itemwe will estimate the cost for the products first and then try to make a plan for the production to make a profit for each other.We will discuss the technique with customers.OEM design from customers are welcome.,br About the staff Serving as community center for design>our staff invite constant interaction between the customerour furniture and our staff.,brThe people who work in our office are all multi-taskers and can often be found working with customers>planning events and building local living room and commercial spaceslike office,hotelsrestaurants,cafesbars,villas phone or onlineyou,ll receive knowledgeable assistance from us.