Shaoxing Detailed Technology Co., Ltd.

Single Motor Adjus Table Desk Dual Motor Adjus Table Desk, Manual Adjus Table Desk Face-To-Face Adjus Table Desk, Three Legs Adjus Table Desk

Shaoxing Detailed Technology Co.Ltd. located in Shengzhou city, Zhejiang province. Close to Shanghai Ningbo. We are a High-tech company which makes the intelligent office healthier for our customer. &Detailed" has an overall R"D center and a strong manufacturing team. They design and offer all kinds of AI adjustable desksplatformbracket for overseas with the notion intelligent healthy, comfortable green,. We have more than 600 employees" over 40000 square meters building area and a sales revenue nearly 300'brmillions>RMB. 15 more acres of land was purchased last year for the plan of an 80000 square meters modern workshop. Our high-tech machines include) Germanys Trumpf' Chinas Han'sbr