Shanghai Kai King Houseware Co., Ltd.

Door Sofa, Chair Curtain, Vase

Established in Y2013 with 50Mio RMB capital injection equip. 7Mio USD(. Head office located in Shanghai China.3 affiliated offices in Beijing, Guangdong and Chengdu respectively. 4 associated corporates focusing in different business areas with in total more than 150Mio RMB,equip. 22Mio USD transaction volume in Y2019.Dedicated supplier to one of the most biggest SOE construction companies in China. Provide comprehensive product scope for interior decoration and renovation projects to our customers) including luxury hotel: service apartment airport, museum etc., e.g. Hilton Shenzhen( Marriot,Wuhan) Le Meridian Cambodia( Wuhan Museum. Have long term and stable collaboration with more than 20 top tier manufacturers on full scope decoration products, e.g. lights tiles, curtains furniture, sanitary fittings tableware, etc.