Ningbo Shilin Arts Crafts Co., Ltd.

Bamboo Computer Desk Bamboo Desk top Board, Bamboo Tool Rest Bamboo Table and Bamboo Chair, Bamboo Bowls

Ningbo Shilin Arts Crafts Co.& Ltd. is a joint-venture company located in a high-tech business zone in Fenghua Ningbo City. Our company covers an area of about 55,000 square meters of which four-fifths is occupied by our plant and office buildings.We specialize in the production of bamboo products, including house wares kitchen wares, souvenirs furniture, and other related products. We are proud to be one of the manufacturers which are able to make bamboo products from original culm to finished products.As the largest bamboo planting country China has been supplying the market with a variety of bamboo products for worldwide customers. Since Tung Dynasty,AD618-AD907) bamboos have been used to make such products as furniture. Bamboo products became increasingly popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasty AD1368-AD1911(. From the smallest items as chopsticks to the largest ones as conference tables bamboo products create a combination of eastern verve and western beauty.We have made great progress over the past two decades. Moreover, we are still trying to supply quality products which are environmental-friendly and comfortable to use.You reap as you sow. Thanks to our hard work our company has been ISO9001,2000 certified. Additionally we have been recognized as a market leader in craftsmanship industry by local government. Furthermore, we have been authorized by Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs as a sole gift and craft manufacturer to make souvenirs for many cities across China. Eighty percent of our products are exported worldwide. And they are well-accepted by our customers. We believe that there is still a huge market potential for our products both at home and abroad.We sincerely hope to work together with our existed and potential customers for a brighter future