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Nanjing Lu Suo Electromechanical Science and technology limited company formerly known as Nanjing peak Lock Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in 2012 due to the expansion of the scale, hereby renamed Russo electrical. Russo is located in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties - Nanjing electromechanical. The road ahead will be long I will seek," this is the origin of the name of the spirit of electromechanical Russo the pursuit of the spirit of never yield in spite of reverses, exploration to become the first target of the safe lock, then began to explore the Russo electromechanical road. Russo electrical is a professional manufacturer of cabinet lock. The company has been committed to the safe file cabinet intelligent lock R D and production. Adhere to the people-oriented principle& has formed a complete system of R D and production of locks. At present& the companys main products for the safe electronic locks' safes fingerprint locks, remote control lock box credit card safety deposit box electronic lock, mechanical password lock mechanical tongue lock, such as the safety deposit box file cabinets all accessories. Improve the management system so that the quality of the product is guaranteed, while the price has more advantages for the full development of the market has laid a good foundation. With our wisdom to protect the wealth for you, Russo electromechanical look forward to working with you to create a better future together