Jieyang Fuyun Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Plastic storage Cabinet Dish Drying Rack, Desk top storage DrawerFridge Organizer Box, Step Stool

Jieyang Fuyun Plastic Products Co. Ltd. mainly engaged in plastic storage cabinets, desktop storage boxes kitchen storage container and more. With excellent product quality and good reputation service, we have reached business cooperation with customers all over the world. Our factory has more than 10 years of experience in the plastic manufacturing industry we have more than 200 employees, and we have our own product design department and independent workshop. Since the establishment of the factory our products have been very popular in the Chinese market, which makes us a leader in the plastics market in Jieyang China.,br>brOur factory has been established for more than 20 years. It is a high-quality factory specializing in the production of plastic household products> and has a certain reputation in the plastic manufacturing industry. We have our own product design department and independent workshop our advanced production equipment, strong production capacity and a professional product market development team, which enables our products to rapidly increase market share at home and abroad. Long-term cooperation is an important goal of our efforts. We always put the interests of customers first and we are dedicated to providing customers with standard customer service and satisfactory products.,br>brPlastic household products are the traditional industry of Jieyang city and the key local characteristic industry supported. In recent years> Jieyang city has formulated a number of policies to support plastic household products which has made our city the most dynamic and fastest-growing plastic household product production area in the country. Jieyang, Guangdong as the center of the plastic household product industry chain, has the advantages of fast mold opening high quality and low price, and one-stop service. We will take this as an opportunity to strive to become the most competitive first-class supplier in the plastics industry and to be the best plastic household products in China.br