Huizhou Goldson Intelligent Furniture Co., Ltd.

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Huizhou Goldson Intelligent Furniture Co. Ltd was established on November 25, 2020. Its registered address is building C and Building D No. 124, north of Hongchuan Avenue Tongqiao Town Industrial Zone, Zhongkai high tech Zone Huizhou, with an area of 5764 square meters. The factory office is located on the second floor of building C. The main business scope of the factory R : D design, production sales and maintenance services of furniture, sales of furniture raw materials and accessories design, development and sales of intelligent furniture wood products and accessories, hardware products and accessories textiles, glass products sponge products, leather products audio equipment, electronic products household appliances, handicrafts except ivory and its products( Interior and exterior decoration engineering, online trade agency business information consulting, domestic trade import and export of goods or technology.,br>brHuizhou Goldson Intelligent Furniture Co.> Ltd. has 30 workshop staff and 4 office staff. The workshop is equipped with advanced machinery manufacturing equipment such as, high-speed computer board saw vertical single shaft woodworking milling machine, vertical single shaft woodworking router single straight tenon tenoning machine, precision sliding table saw automatic edge sealing machine, horizontal gauze bed multi row drill, woodworking row drill and other large machinery and