Hangzhou Vermont Deluxe Materials Co., Ltd.

Kitchen Cabinet wardrobe, bathroomtv Cabinet, customized furniture

Hangzhou Vermonhouse was formed out of a desire to offer our customers the highest form of quality products and service. our management team including Sales Designers, Buyers and QC have had many years experience and understands fully what you need. We work closly with our clients forming long term business relationships. brbrPenalties of 1> per day over the due date for delivery will ensure that Vermonhouse supplies all goods as stated which gives new and existing customers assurance on any signed contract or project agreement.,brAs an ongoing service to our customers> we have been working closely with a number of other companies for out-sourcing of products and have built good trading relationships offering alternative selections or suggestions. Vermonhouse looks forward to building a strong business relationship with your company in the near future where everyone can reap the benefits and rewards.