Hangzhou Jinchen E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

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Hangzhou Jinchen E-commerce Co. Ltd., located in Changhe Street Binjiang District, Hangzhou CityThe company office location is beautiful environment, convenient transportation. is an online and offline integrated sales of software furniture enterprise.The company was founded in 2019.Many employees of the company have rich experience in furniture related work. The company has a complete professional operation, promotion and design team and experience in cooperation with large manufacturers and dealers, and has a deep cooperation for many years of professional fine furniture factory.The company has always been customer satisfaction, firmly based on the development concept of winning trust with quality and always adhere to the pragmatic, innovative and pioneering.The enterprising enterprise spirit strongly helps Hangzhou Jinchen Co. Ltd. to forge ahead.The company has a professional technical team and modern management concept, professional sales of soft bed sofa and supporting products, including leather and cloth art two major systems favored by the majority of consumers.In these two categories and cooperative factories jointly pioneering and innovate, and achieved a lot of remarkable achievements.We have always believed that the product is the core quality is persistence, integrity is the fundamental.We want to give consumers a secure and safe purchase environment.The purpose of our enterprise rigorous: realistic healthy, innovative.In the future development stage The company will also widely adopt and absorb the strengths of the same industry leaders, steady and accelerate the development into a furniture brand front drive.