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Guangzhou Baorong Furniture Co. Ltd. is a professional custom-made solid wood integral cabinet, log integral wardrobe integral cloakroom, complete study bookcase dining room cabinet wine cabinet wine cellar, living room TV cabinet partition cabinet, shoe cabinet tatami, high and low beds bedroom solid wood Doors, mother-in-law doors TV cabinet background walls, solid wood background walls wood veneer siding and other solid wood overall customization of the whole house, after years of accumulation the factory has specialized technical research and development personnel and a professional high-level production team, machine manufacturing equipment It basically realizes a high degree of automation and refinement and combines decades of old woodworking and solid wood professionals for production. The styles of solid wood furniture customized by Baorong Furniture Factory are varied, including modern simplicity modern light luxury, Nordic American, Chinese new Chinese, European Japanese and so on. The main raw materials are Thai rubber wood, American red oak South American red cherry, North American red cherry ash, Pacific red maple Brazilian rose pear, beech ash, Burmese rose pear Congo sapele, ebony pineapple lattice, incense Fir New Zealand pine, etc raw materials. The paint currently used is Dabao paint' and the raw materials are basically imported. With the aim of seeking perfection we provide customers with high-end, noble and environmentally friendly furniture.