Foshan Shunde Xinchuang Furniture Co., Ltd.

gaming Desk gaming Chair, Office Sofa Office Chair, Office Table

The company profile includes Xinchuang Furniture Co.: Ltd. Shunde District, Foshan City is a manufacturer and company specializing in production and sales. It has been specialized in office furniture for more than 20 years.,brSuch as> desks screens, combined seats office sofas, office chairs...brbrIt is one of the large-scale professional panel office furniture manufacturing companies in Foshan.>brServe customers with the best integrity and strength> and provide customers with the best products and Ltd. welcomes all new and old customers to visit guide and negotiate business here.,br>brCompany status> number of company personnel main business scope, development history company culture, future planning etc.,brCompany status> It has a complete and scientific quality management system as well as a group of young and vigorous professional and technical personnel, which lays a good human foundation for modern enterprises to provide sophisticated office furniture systems.brs main business scope domestic and foreign:brHistory of the company> the history of the company from 1998 to 2018br