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Welcome to ElHedaya Furniture Export Company.brbrWe are a family owned and run company that has been in the furniture business since 1975. As supplier of wholesale Furniture> we offer the best prices available in the market along with high quality product.br we specialize in the manufacture of the French Furniture Reproductions of Louis XV and Louis XVI era.br French Furniture Reproduction English Furniture, Rococo Furniture Baroque Furniture, Louis XV Furniture Louis XVI Furniture, Vintage Furniture Art Deco, Art Nouveau Victorian Furniture, Wrought Iron Furniture Outdoor Furniture, Indoor Furniture Egyptian Furniture, Antiques Queen Anne Furniture, Chippendale Furniture Colonial Furniture, Georgian Furniture Jacobean Furniture, Provincial Furniture Empire Furniture, Country Furniture Biedermeier Furniture, Renaissance Furniture German Furniture, Louis XIV furniture hotel furniture, office furniture marquetry furniture, parquetry furniture upholstered furniture...,br All our furniture reproduction is handmade from high quality Beech Wood. We are available for you anytime> you can contact us 247.br <="" our="" dedicated="" quality="" control="" team="" carefully="" check="" all="" of="" your="" order="" before="" we="" deliver="" it="" you="" so="" can="" be="" confident="" that="" furniture="" will="" last="" for="" years.,br="" respect="" delivery="" time.="" are="" welcome="" come="" visit="" us="" anytime="" learn="" more="" about="" process="" manufacturing="" in="" factory.="" pleased="" serve="" at="" anytime.="" when="" import="" from="" elhedaya="" company="" style="box-sizing: inherit;"> we are experienced and ready to arrange the furniture shipping to your nearest port at the lowest price.br <="" td="" style="box-sizing: inherit;">