Dongguan Honghui Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Standing Desk Adjus Table Desk, Desk ConverterKids furniture

Dongguan Honghui Wood Industry Co. Ltd. was founded in 2005. It has been engaged in the production and sales of wood products for more than 15 years. It has a strong customer network and our products are exported to the United States, Europe Japan and other countries and regions. The company currently has more than 200 employees and mainly produces and sells various children,s furniturestanding desk, desk converter wooden display stands,and high-pressure lamination products.Known for its high qualityfast delivery and good service. In addition to mainly dealing in wood products. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with many reputable domestic manufacturers, and used its own reputation advantages to obtain highly competitive products and prices from these manufacturers providing foreign customers with more product series, and can purchase from domestic Shipping from one port quickly meet the needs of different customers. Our mission is to create a harmonious and win-win cooperation platform