Dalian Squirrel Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Poplar board and drawer boardpaulownia glue edge jointed board and drawer board, Camphor pine board and drawer boardRadiative pine board and drawer board, paint-free multilayer board and paint-free solid wood sandwich eco friendly wood board

Squrriel wood industry company is a collection of inport and export trade domestic wholesale trade and production and processing as one of the wood industry company.We produce or trade all kinds of wooden boards with high quality and quickly. such as Poplar board and drawer board, paulownia glue edge jointed board Camphor pine board and drawer board, Radiative pine board decoration backboard,Cedar plywood and finger jointing home decoration eucalyptus plywood, packing box board LVL Elm plywood and finger jointing,Board thickness between 3mm to 8cmCustom thickness available,We also sell simple furniture and kitchen products such as shoe changing stools, wooden home bar wooden chopsticks, cutting boards etc., which are well received.