Dalian Ameri International Trading Co., Ltd.

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Since 2015 Ameri has been committed to providing the supreme furniture supply chain for global customers. We strive to provide a series of services such as product design, model making order delivery, and logistics transportation and strictly ensure the consistency and quality of orders. Through the combination of 80, made in China and 20 made in other regions% it has achieved superior quality control and reduced costs for customers accelerated the delivery of orders, and ensured the maximization of customer benefits. In addition to providing high-quality products at preferential prices we are also greatly proud of providing customers with the optimal service experience.,We consider our customers as partners" treat their interests as our own interests and regard their goals as our own goals. We stand together with our customers, and bring achievements to them that,s also the way to get achievement for ourselves. The company founder Jason Tong stated. At Ameri there is a corporate culture of integrity, diligence and fearlessness of difficulties. We are consistently committed to supply our customers with premium products of meticulous design high quality and competitive price.