Binzhou Boxing Megapunk Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

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Megapunk Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. is a technology company dedicated to providing high-quality catering equipment for global catering enterprises. Our company is located in Shandong Province, China and has offices in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province Chengdu City, Yunnan Province to provide services to customers from all regions of the world. As a new technology-based catering equipment manufacturing and trading company the company has Amina, Tacite Mega and other brands, which can provide global partners with steaming cabinets ovens, steam ovens disinfection cabinets, ultrasonic dishwashers garbage disposal, electromagnetic cookers Chinese stoves and other products. The company already has customers from Singapore, Vietnam India, Germany Spain, Portugal Israel and Brazil. Adhering to the values of honesty and customer first, the company is looking forward to cooperating with catering equipment distributors from all over the world.