Beijing jinzhihengfeng furniture Co.,Ltd


Beijing Jinzhi Hengfeng Furniture Products Co. Ltd.was established in 2005, locatedin Foshan City a key furniture industrial zone in China. It initially focused on leather and production and research anddevelopment. The scale of the first 10 people has grown to the current scale of close to 200 people. From the 2000 square meterproduction and operation site to the current area of 20,000 square meters step by step, we will striveto improve the quality with our heart and gradually get the market affirmation and the recognition of new and old customers. A good reputationhas been formed in the domestic and foreign markets.,br Gangyi Home Furnishing focuses on American retro industrial style. At the beginning of its establishment> it focused on foreign markets. After a series of research and development by designers history and general aesthetics are integrated into products, and gradually entered the domestic market. At present it mainly focuses on retro art, light industry and The north area is mainly light and luxurious and the application area is more domesticated, and it is better integrated into other spaces forminga distinctiv e and unique style.