Baicheng Xiangxiang Construction Decoration Engineering Limited

Steel Components customized storage racks showcase customizationPre fabric ated houses production, Outdoor billboard customizationVarious kinds of products model design

Aicheng Xiangxiang Construction Decoration Engineering Limited& located in the north-west of jilin province in northeast the company uphold the northeast people work, dependable earnest work spirit after years of efforts, has now from the original 10 small micro enterprise development for a few people now more than 200 people has developed into certain scale of production and processing, design construction, installation of an integrated enterprise.brbrCompany mainly undertake large> medium and small plants various venues steel structure design and construction, landscape architectural design and construction fine decoration design and construction, indoor and outdoor metal products design production, installation and materials processing all kinds of wooden jewelry processing, wooden furniture design production and processing, building indoor and outdoor decoration design and